The peptides are biologically important molecules in nature which are made of short chains of amino acids. They act not only as signaling molecules necessary for many important cellular functions such as cell division, mating, pain perception, growth, and etc., but they also play roles as the first components of the immune systems of all organism.

Peptides have wide varieties of applications; from applications in biomaterial sciences to drugs for treatments of incurable diseases. During last decades remarkable progresses have been made in the field of peptide sciences. Indeed, these progresses are indebted to the integrative scientific collaborations among scientists active in the field of chemistry, biology, biochemistry and biophysics, pharmacology and biotechnology. In addition, developing synthetic methods for the production of peptides of various sizes have doubled the rate of progress in the field of peptide sciences.

Along with scientific progresses in Iran, 10 distinguished faculty members of the main Universities in Tehran who are active in the field of peptide sciences and related subjects, came together in early 2013 and founded the Iran Peptide Society. The central office of this society is located at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics affiliated at University of Tehran.

The main objectives of the Iran Peptide Society are:

  • Keep the Iran Scientific community informed of all progresses in the field of peptide sciences via workshops, symposiums, booklets, interviews, networking, etc
  • Publish an Iran Journal of Peptide Science dedicated to the progresses and developments in the field of peptide chemistry and biology in Iran
  • Build platform for making scientific collaborations at national and international levels as well as with other scientific societies and researches worldwide
  • Socialize the researches and developments in the field of peptide sciences
  • Create a network of laboratories active in peptide sciences at national and international levels


We would be very hopeful to achieve these goals with your positive feedback and helps.

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