Assistant Professor, Biology
School of Biology and Centre of Excellence in Phylogeny of Living Organisms, College of Science, University of Tehran
Miscellaneous Information:
Alireza Sari was always keen about beauty of nature and curious about its fundamental laws. In 1984, he was succeeded to enroll at University of Tehran doing B. Sc. in Animal Biology. During four years, he earned good background about organismal biology at micro and macro levels. Accompanying his mentor Professor Mohammad Baloutch, his interest in zoology was strengthened by visiting many parts of land of beauty “Iran”. He was also inspired by taught courses of Professor Kazem Parivar on “Embryology and Evolution”. These field studies and courses with their practical parts led him to devote himself on critical thinking, biodiversity, functional anatomy and ontogeny. Therefore, he found his way towards better understanding of “Bio-systems” in animals. This was the reason for selecting, in 1989, to do his M. Sc. at University of Tehran with major on “Animal Biosystematics”. After his scientific visit to the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman, he was motivated by beauty of marine organisms and devoted his research activities on a diverse group of Invertebrates namely “Crustacea”. His M.Sc. thesis was about Biosystematics of Iranian lobsters. For his PhD project at University of Swansea (1993-1997), he started Marine Biology with major on Marine Zoology. His work was on breeding strategies and larval ultrastructures in barnacle as model organism. Looking at external morphology of larvae at higher magnification, led him to think deeply about characters origin and function. These disciplines helped him to be kept closer to phylogeny and functional anatomy under govern of “Natural Selection” and “Economy of Nature”. Since 1998, he has been proud to be member of academic staff at School of Biology, College of Science, University of Tehran.  He is a lecturer and teaching Zoology, Animal Biosystematics and Comparative anatomy. His research is on Crustacean Biodiversity mainly at the Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman.
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